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A sequel to the 2014 action thriller Need for Speed is being developed. 

A joint venture between China Movie Channel, Jiaflix and has teamed with game publisher Electronic Arts to make the film. It will be an official co-production, which means much of the movie will be filmed in China with a significant amount of local talent.

Last year, the franchise hopeful "Need For Speed" opened at number three at the box office, but couldn’t even sputter to $45 million domestic on a $66 million budget, and pretty much seemed dead on arrival. But that’s only looking at one side of the story. Overseas, the movie earned $159 million, and all it takes is a look at last weekend’s box offi...

China Movie Channel, Jiaflix and 1905 Pictures are developing a new film that would be a U.S. co-production

“Need for Speed” may have had a bumpy ride in U.S. theaters last year but it was a runaway hit in China, where three top production and finance companies have announced plans for a sequel that will be developed as a co-production between...

Furious 7 is the number one movie in the world, breaking box office records left and right. In a totally unconnected and wildly coincidental bit of news, a sequel to last year’s racing film Need For Speed is now in the works from Electronic Arts and a bunch of Chinese partners. What are the odds?!?