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The Chinese JV triumvirate of China Movie Channel Program Center, Jiaflix Enterprises and 1905 Pictures are teaming up with Electronic Arts on the English-language sequel.

As an official co-production, the bulk of Need For Speed 2 will shoot in China with a significant Chinese talent element.

Paramount Pictures has greenlit a sequel to last year’s Need For Speed movie.

Need For Speed 2 is expected to be co-produced by Electronic Arts (the developer of the Need For Speed video game franchise) and Paramount, but fellow studio Dreamworks must first relinquish their rights to the franchise.

Much of the ...

A sequel to last year's Need for Speed movie staring Aaron Paul is in the works, Electronic Arts has announced.

According to Variety, EA is partnering with China Movie Channel Program Center, Jiaflix Enterprises, and 1905 Pictures to produce a followup film set in China.

A multi-billion dollar so much bigger than its European counterpart, China's online video sector operates with a different business model. Although the market is saturated by Chinese companies, Jiaflix, a U.S. company, is getting ahead of the competition.

Jiaflix Enterprises uses a business model which is a hybrid of Netflix subscription model and...

After weeks of increased regulation aimed at foreign television shows streaming online, sources say Chinese regulators soon will be targeting Hollywood titles.

China will dramatically step up its crackdown on web content to include censorship of feature films streamed online in a raft of tough new rules that until now mostly had been aimed at over...