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Fate and Friendship in WWII Shanghai: Producers Sid Ganis and Jane Wu complete filming on A Children’s Song

Jiaflix cofounder Sid Ganis, who is also a well known Hollywood producer and motion picture executive, has recently finished production on A Children’s Song. ACS is a short film that tells the story of Shanghai's role during WWII as the only place in the world where emigrating Jews from Germany and Austria were welcome.

Young Alfred’s family flees from Nazi oppression to Shanghai where he meets an aspiring young musician, a Chinese national named Meizhen. It is a moment of salvation in the darkest of times that quickly comes to pass. Years later his granddaughter meets a Chinese international student while competing for a music scholarship and they discover their original compositions are inexplicably based on the same melody. Their quest to prove ownership leads to the long lost and true origin of the melody: an inextricable connection between their families and a story of salvation and hope.

A Children’s Song is written and directed by Shayna Cohen and stars Jane Wu, who produced with Ganis, Dana Stern, Adam Chernik, ViviAnn Yee, Lee Lawrence and Cindera Che. ACS is a J. Wu Entertainment, China Movie Channel and 1905 presentation.

The film premiered in Los Angeles September 26th and has been selected to screen at the Mill Valley Film Festival in Marin County, CA.

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