Our Partners

The success of Jiaflix is fueled by its partnership with state-owned China Movie Channel and 1905, both which operate under China’s regulatory agency SAPPRT. In China, ventures that combine government control and private enterprise have the greatest opportunity for success. Jiaflix is a private-public partnership that blends the economic power of a private venture with the efficiency of direct government relationships and licensing on the country’s only legal distribution platforms.

Jiaflix is a catalyst for creativity, convening key stakeholders from the Chinese government and the film industry to produce groundbreaking original content in China and deliver a growing library of U.S. films to millions of movie lovers wherever they go.


Here are our partners—who help us bridge two dynamic entertainment cultures, East and West:

China Movie Channel

China Movie Channel, in exclusive partnership with Jiaflix, is China’s official importer of movies for broadcast television. China Movie Channel is an operating entity of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China (SAPPRFT).


1905, the official internet subsidiary of China Movie Channel, in partnership with Jiaflix, is the nation’s exclusive streaming service for both Chinese and international feature films via subscription as well as international feature films via transactional VOD. In addition to bringing studios to China’s doorstep with co-production deals, Jiaflix streams studio libraries and new releases in China on its government approved digital platforms: 1905.com, China's official streaming website, and wowcinema.com. Our list of studio partners is impressive and growing.