China is the next frontier in entertainment, and as studios look to the East for new revenue streams they’re turning to Jiaflix to maximize their profits and minimize their risks.


Founded by Sid Ganis, Marc Ganis and Kenneth Huang in 2011, Jiaflix executes co-productions, assisted productions, and live streaming of Western films in China through its exclusive partnerships with state-owned China Movie Channel and 1905. No other company has the expertise, relationships, government-approved platforms, and proven performance in maximizing box office receipts. With the runaway success of Transformers: Age of Extinction, studios are taking note of what can be done with the right product and right partnership.

  • 36% increase in box office sales
  • 15 cinema screens added daily
  • 439 million Chinese consuming video content
  • 527 million mobile internet users
*China’s 2014 figures

We’re helping bridge two dynamic entertainment cultures—East and West.

Jiaflix helps Western studios, producers and content owners create and monetize their assets in the world’s fastest growing film market. The company’s business is focused on two primary areas:

Assisted Production and Co-Production

Jiaflix is Hollywood’s strategic partner for co-productions, assisted productions, and digital distribution in China. Understanding the cultural dynamics of the world’s fastest growing market, Jiaflix advises studios on creative, casting and location decisions and executes marketing strategies that resonate with Chinese audiences. The company helps produce and market films by securing locations, casting local talent, managing post-production and theatrical promotions, and more. Jiaflix, along with China Movie Channel and 1905, teams up with studios and producers to help them tap China’s growing appetite for movies and exponentially increase their share of box-office receipts.

Digital Streaming

We believe studios and other content owners should treat their business in China as a seamless whole rather than a series of one-off agreements with multiple parties that may not achieve censorship approval or offer piracy protection. Jiaflix, in partnership with state-owned China Movie Channel and its web subsidiary 1905, is the single point of entry for studios to monetize their assets in China and generate projectable ancillary revenue streams. Studios can plug into Jiaflix’s multiplatform model to stream their libraries and new releases on a subscription or transactional basis to millions of China’s movie lovers on smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs.

As of April 2015, self-censorship of video streaming sites will no longer be allowed and all forms of entertainment must go through the government for review and approval. Through its partners and ongoing working relationships with regulators, Jiaflix streamlines censorship review and eliminates licensing agreement uncertainties. and Jiaflix’s are the only sites Chinese audiences can legally access U.S. films through the internet and mobile data plans.

All streaming is protected by a proprietary anti-piracy program developed by Jiaflix in collaboration with SAPPRFT.

Studio Agreements

In addition to bringing studios to China’s doorstep with co-production deals, Jiaflix streams studio libraries and new releases in China on its government approved digital platforms:, China's official streaming website, and Our list of studio partners is impressive and growing.


Jiaflix has a multiyear licensing agreement to stream classic Lionsgate and Summit films and selected new releases via transactional and subscription video on demand.


Jiaflix has a multiyear licensing agreement to stream new MGM theatrical releases via transactional video on demand and more than 200 classic library films for subscription video on demand.


Jiaflix has exclusive rights to stream Paramount’s entire library, including the Transformers franchise, as well as future productions via transactional and subscription video on demand in China. Jiaflix also facilitated the production and distribution of Paramount’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, the first such cooperative agreement between China Movie Channel and an international studio.


Sid Ganis

Sid Ganis is co-founder and chairman of Jiaflix. Drawing on his deep industry relationships and experience, Ganis serves as the firm’s cultural ambassador and chief door opener.

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Kenneth Huang

Kenneth Huang is co-founder and executive director of Jiaflix. Through his broad networks and access to capital, Huang serves as the firm’s primary financing facilitator.

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Marc Ganis

Marc Ganis is president and co-founder of Jiaflix. With his extraordinary business acumen and expertise in the economics of the deal, Ganis works to secure mutually agreeable terms for Jiaflix clients and the Chinese government.

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