Bridging Cultures. Breaking Records.

Blockbusters are built on courageous decisions, deep expertise, relationships and plain hard work. While you can say that’s true everywhere, there are additional complexities and nuances in China where it’s anything but business as usual. Months before the curtain rose on Transformers: Age of Extinction, Jiaflix was opening doors, facilitating approvals and advising on production matters for Paramount and director Michael Bay.

The fourth and most profitable film in the Transformers franchise starring Mark Wahlberg and Li Bingbing showcased the power of cultural and creative collaboration on opposite sides of the globe. Serving as the studio’s local sherpa, Jiaflix struck an alliance between Paramount and the Chinese government and with its extensive local knowledge assisted in securing locations, cast, crew and regulatory approvals.

“Paramount created a Chinese storyline in Transformers and integrated Chinese stars and landmark locations into that narrative, which resonated with local audiences,” says Sid Ganis, Chairman of Jiaflix. “The big takeaway for Hollywood is the power of fostering cross-cultural understanding and cross-border cooperation between the West and China to accelerate the flow of creative capital.”

Jiaflix’s grassroots marketing, anti-piracy protection, box office monitoring and real-time, data-driven promotion during the film’s run boosted Transformers: Age of Extinction to China’s top grossing movie of all time. Its record-breaking performance of $322 million in China propelled the film to its top grossing title in 2014, earning over $1 billion worldwide.

Acclaim for Transformers: Age of Extinction was effusive and universal. International Business Times wrote, “From casting to content to promotion, ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ is heralding the age of the truly international blockbuster.”

Imax Entertainment chairman and president Greg Foster told Variety: “This franchise is in the bullseye for what the Chinese market seems to like. It’s a big action movie with iconic characters and it’s all beautifully delivered.”

“Film production in China requires a strategic approach and that starts with engaging local authorities even before your script is written,” says Marc Ganis, President of Jiaflix. “Transformers was a public-private partnership in every sense of the word, serving the interests of the studio, the government and the moviegoing public.”