What We Do

In China, it’s anything but business as usual. Jiaflix is changing the way Hollywood views China and has earned trust at the studios’ most senior levels. While others are quick to promote their deals with China to help raise investor capital, Jiaflix is quietly getting the job done and outperforming with record shattering success.

With our government relationships, local resources and agility, we help Hollywood navigate China’s regulatory complexities and nuances and establish a foothold in the world’s fastest growing entertainment market.

We handle all filings and assure compliance with local regulations, deliver end-to-end production assistance and advice, execute strategic and timely theatrical releases, provide broad distribution and offer comprehensive anti-piracy protection to minimize financial losses.

Transparency and Compliance

Jiaflix believes every partnership must be built on a foundation of trust, transparency and compliance. This begins with respecting the guidelines and standards of our partners, understanding and following all of the rules and regulations of China and the U.S. and operating with the highest of ethical standards.


Maximize Value

Jiaflix adds value to a studio’s assets as soon as the rights are secured including:
  • Censorship approval
  • Licensing
  • Higher and stable pricing
  • Faster to market
  • Government distribution network
  • Country’s most sophisticated antipiracy program

Contracts and Compliance

With its unparalleled knowledge of the Chinese legal system coupled with deep expertise in local business practices, Jiaflix facilitates agreements that are fully compliant with SAPPRFT regulations and satisfy the requirements of all parties. Jiaflix secures all regulatory approvals and ensures compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) so there are no surprises down the road that could interrupt or curtail the revenue stream. By serving as a bridge between the studio’s legal department and Chinese regulatory authorities, Jiaflix can resolve outstanding issues and ensure all activities are conducted in accordance with government standards.

Censorship Approval

Through its partners and ongoing working relationships with regulators, Jiaflix streamlines censorship review and eliminates licensing agreement uncertainties.

Approvals and permits

Working in collaboration with SAPPRFT, Jiaflix secures governmental approvals and permits which are necessary to start shooting and to maintain a successful and compliant production.


Through its extensive relationships with the government, talent agencies and other industry suppliers, Jiaflix arranges staffing for US productions in China—from cast to extras to crews.


In cooperation with HuaHua Media and China Movie Media—China’s award winning movie marketing and advertising group—Jiaflix executes Chinese specific marketing strategies and publicity to spark demand and drive up box office receipts including:
  • A data driven and agile approach
  • Grassroots and social media campaigns
  • Creative promotions such as reality television talent searches
Jiaflix’s success in marketing Transformers 4 to Chinese audiences resulted in record-breaking box office earnings of $322 million.

Box office monitoring

As China’s film industry continues to grow, Jiaflix is a leader in helping studios and independents protect their assets through box office monitoring. Developed in coordination with SAPPRFT, our proprietary mechanism curbed ticketing fraud during screenings of Transformers 4: Age of Extinctionand recouped 40 times the investment in the first week.

Digital Distribution

Jiaflix distributes hundreds of Western titles through the nation’s only legal, government approved distribution platforms. Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount are already seeing the benefits of streaming their content through Jiaflix’s multiplatform model which branches out to 1905.com, wow1905.com, China Mobile, Alibaba, IPTV, digital TV and national channel CCTV 6.

Anti-Piracy Protection

Jiaflix has the country’s most effective anti-piracy measures, which have proven to dramatically reduce and in some cases eliminate illegal access to content. Jiaflix’s antipiracy program is contractually based and conducted in accordance with contractual rights and obligations as mandated by the Chinese legal system. Through its relationships at the highest levels of antipiracy and IP protection, Jiaflix is helping shape future legislation and enforcement in China.