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Need For Speed 2' Is Actually Happening

Last year, the franchise hopeful "Need For Speed" opened at number three at the box office, but couldn’t even sputter to $45 million domestic on a $66 million budget, and pretty much seemed dead on arrival. But that’s only looking at one side of the story. Overseas, the movie earned $159 million, and all it takes is a look at last weekend’s box office for "Furious 7" to realize people really like cars driving fast and crashing into things. So, they’re gonna give this "Need For Speed" thing another shot, with a heavy investment from China.

China Movie Channel, Jiaflix, and video game company Electronic Arts are teaming up for "Need For Speed 2." So, why are Chinese production houses interested? Well, $65 million of that $159 million overseas take for the first movie came from China, so they are betting audiences will likely return. 

No word yet if any of the original cast — Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Kid Cudi, Dakota Johnson, Dominic Cooper — will be returning, or if this will just be a reboot with new faces in the mix. My guess is the latter. But all those details, plus who will direct, will be coming soon as production is aiming to start later this year.