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CCTV Taps Jiaflix President and Co-Founder about Growing China Movie Industry

In a recent segment, CCTV reached out to Jiaflix President and Co-Founder Marc Ganis for his expertise in China’s growing film industry, which is forecast to become the largest box office in the world by 2018.

Quality, Quantity of US-China Deals Picking Up

Marc Ganis spoke with CCTV’s Michelle Makori about the great progress he sees in recent China-US film partnerships, and how U.S. studios are sensitive to cultural preferences and are tapping into commercial trends to succeed in the long-term.

Drawing on Jiaflix’s experience in China and partnership with state-owned China Movie Channel and 1905, Marc talked in length about the key elements essential for commercial success in China. He explained the importance of engaging and entertaining Chinese audiences by integrating organic Chinese elements in scenes and storylines. He also discussed the benefits of cooperation between Chinese and US studios and commented on the types of Chinese films that are most likely to succeed in the U.S.

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