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'A Children's Song' Most Awarded China-US Short

A new Sino-American co-produced short film "A Children's Song" has gained wide recognition from international film festivals recently to become the co-produced short film with the largest number of awards ever.

"A Children's Song" tells of the Shanghai people who joined together to help Jewish refugees who fled from Nazi Germany to escape persecution during World War II. The story has moved many people across the world to tears.

The film, jointly produced by China Movie Channel, 1905 Pictures, Show City Times, J. Wu Entertainment, Sid Ganis and Wu Jingxuan, has gained high praise from the film industry for its impressive contents, profound meanings and superior production techniques.

Over a period of several months, it won seven awards at international film festivals, including Best Short at the California Women's Film Festival, Best Short/Best Editing in the NYC Indie Film Awards, outstripping all other China-US co-produced short films.

To add musical power to the production, China's top singer Jane Zhang wrote the lyrics and also sings the theme song for the film starring Jane Wu, Leann Lei, Vivi Ann Yee, Cindera Che, Dana Stern, J.C. Love and Lee Lawrence.

Shayna Cohen, the director and writer of "A Children's Song," told the audience at a film screening during the St. Louis Jewish Film Festival, "During wartime, when people are scared and nervous and have nothing, to still then open your eyes, hearts and homes to those who have been outcast provides a spark of hope in an otherwise hopeless time."

In April 2016, "A Children's Song" was selected by the Museum of Tolerance as a special screening film, and is now permanently enshrined in the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum.

Yi Li, the general manager of 1905 Pictures and one of the short's producers, said the reason why they participated in this film was because "we are moved by the history. And we hope that, though this is a co-production by China and US, it can let a wider audience know about this period of history and inherit the humanity from the movie." also learned a separate long feature film of "A Children's Song" is under preparation and will be released in theaters.